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They were wonderful. They came out and measured twice to make sure everything was correct. I got to go to their retail store and their warehouse to pick out exactly what I wanted. It's a family owned business and they were so great to deal with. The experience with this company was terrific. For what I got, I feel it was reasonably priced.

The staff is knowledgeable, friendly & helpful, available but not hovering. Prices and selections are great.

Got me some good rocks at a good price, 3-5" smooth beach stones today at Barden Stone. Some beauties are in go see the wonderful people at Barden Stone today.

Cyndi Hall


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They are the best! BardenStone kept me in the loop for the entire process and were very responsive with emails and texts. They cut the stone in a way that utilized the natural patterns the best and also were artful in cutting the backsplash to match the countertops. Everything was EXACTLY as planned with no surprises. Installation was flawless and on time. Their showroom and selections were the best in town and easiest to view. Taking a sample of my flooring, wallpaper, and cabinet made it easier to decide. I recommend them to all my Memphis friends in search of granite. I found them through another friend of mine that had used Barden Stone multiple times and was thrilled with every installation. 

Whether you are looking for some pea gravel, or granite for your counter tops, or even if you want the material to build a replica of Stonehenge in your yard, Barden Stone should be our first stop.  The Barden family is quite friendly and helpful, and I don't think there there is a better selection of stone products anywhere in the area.
We bought boulders; they call them 2-man (person) boulders, because it takes at least 2 people to move one.   They've got big rocks, little rocks, flat rocks and fat rocks.  Check them out!

All of the stone and granite in my house is from Barden Stone. They are the best!! What a great family business and a joy to work with. I highly recommend them!

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